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+1 205.957.0021

Empipe Solutions Ltd.

Empipe Solutions Ltd. proudly Serves Southern Ontario, Canada with the best in underground pipeline maintenance and repair services. The firm offers:

  • Sewer, Culvert & Storm Drain: Cleaning, Flushing & Jetting
  • CCTV Sewer, Storm Drain & Culvert: CCTV Inspection & Testing
  • Pipe & Culvert: CIPP Trenchless Repair & Relining
  •  Home Drain Inspection and Repair
  •  Robotic Cutting
  •  Hydro Excavation & Vacuum Excavation
  •  Maintenance Hole, Manhole & (MH) Rehabilitation


Areas Served

Ontario, Canada
Manitoba, Canada

Contact Information

230 Regional Road 20
Hannon, Ontario  L0R2A0
Phone: 905-531-1316

Stephen Mercer, President
Email: smercer@empipe.ca

Website: www.empipe.ca

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