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Pipeline Inspection Services, Inc.

Was established in February of 2003, based in Nampa, Idaho we are a state of the art company specializing in pipeline inspections, hydro-cleaning, hydro-excavating, utility testing services, and infrastructure repair & rehabilitation.

We can clean and inspect sewer lines, storm drain lines and irrigation lines from 4″ to over 60″ looking for structural problems, leaks, or service lateral locations. Our utility testing crews capable of doing air testing of sewer and storm drain lines, air leak locating, vacuum testing manholes, and hydrostatic water testing on irrigation lines and municipal water lines for final inspection. The infrastructure repair & rehabilitation division can assist in anything form manhole leak repair, grouting services, and polyurethane coatings for corrosion resistance and structural rehabilitation using Sprayroq and de neef Construction Chemicals.

Areas Served

Southern Idaho
Eastern Oregon
Clark County, NV

Contact Information

PO Box 3023
Nampa, ID 83653
Phone: (208) 941-9424/9421
Fax: (208) 442-1363

Darin Barnes, President
Email: pipelineinspections@hotmail.com

Website: www.pipelineinspectionservices.com

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