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Get To Know Sprayroq


Are you considering spray-applied rehabilitation solutions for your next trenchless project? Good decisions start with good research. In that vein, on our YouTube channel, we’ve provided a great 17-minute overview video covering our process, products and applications.

This video will give decision-makers a place to start in their search for the best asset rehabilitation solution for their next underground infrastructure project. The video covers in some depth:

Assessment – Figure out what type of lining material you need.

  • Rigid
  • Elastomeric
  • Structural
  • Corrosion Protective
  • A combination of the above

Tools & Preparation

  • Crew PPE
  • I/I Remediation
  • Surface prep / cleaning
  • Application environment climate control

Spray Application

  • Traffic Control
  • Safety Equipment
  • Resin Mixing & Heating
  • Test Spray
  • Appropriate Directional Approach
  • Material Cooling/Curing
  • Site Cleanup

Post-Application Quality Control

  • Spark Testing for Pinholes
  • Vacuum Testing for Sealed Liner

Sample Application Project

You can also find this video on our website at the bottom of the page on our Sprayroq In Action section . You may decide to watch the rest of our informational videos there as well, which go into greater depth about

  • our products
  • the assessment process
  • Sprayroq tools
  • surface preparation
  • liner application
  • quality control
  • case studies

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