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Halloween Haunts: Scary Stories From The Underground

Funny monster in the underground city sewer, pop art retro vector illustration. Eyes in the dark

Though many of us spend a rather inordinate time underground for our work and are used to it, there’s no doubt that subterranean tunnels and sewers have always served as good fodder for scary stories. On this Halloween holiday, we decided it might be fun to share some of those with you, in the spirit of the season.

We were originally going to do a post on “Scary SCP Stories,” but perhaps that wasn’t so well thought out. Turns out, our Sprayroq Certified Partners are pretty conscientious about keeping their crews out of any kind of situation that looks or feels dangerous. Not so great for our story idea, but fantastic to know that the companies we choose to partner with have such high regard for the safety of their employees. We’ll take that trade any day!

We’ve got a few disturbing links to share with you. The first is Bizarre Sewer Dwelling Beasts of the World, where someone took the time to curate a collection of spooky sewer places, some of which supposedly house horrifying creatures. As the site itself says, “There are things lurking within the dark. Meandering sewers of the world suggest there is more to these places than we may suspect. Let us take a look at some of the mysterious alleged denizens of the stygian depths of the world’s sewers.” And so we may.

When you’re done touring those terror-filled tunnels, you may be interested in moving on to Mike Diamond’s “The Best Scary Plumbing Monsters in TV and Movies,” a bit of lighthearted trivia by this Los Angeles-based plumber.

Aside from the places themselves being often spooky, there’s also the discomfiting reality of some of the things workers find there. Here are a few collections about that:

Weird Nature’s “13 Times People Actually Found Animals In Sewers”  gives a rundown, some of which you may see on the other links shared here; but each of the bloggers always manages to put their own spin on the story, so we don’t think you’ll get bored.

Of course, sometimes finding an inanimate object can be just as creepy as finding some kind of living being, though bizarre might be the more accurate word. Get that list at “Strange, bizarre things found in sewers.” [https://www.boredpanda.com/strange-bizarre-things-found-in-sewers]

Brighton, England, has embraced its scary sewers, actually giving public tours of the 19th-century underground tunnel works described as an “award-winning Victorian attraction.” Judge for yourself.

We end this freak show with a visit to Den of Geek, which offers us “The 10 finest sewers of B-movie cinema.” Their introduction? “Sooner or later, all monsters end up hiding in a sewer. Here’s our list of 10 particularly fine B-movie drainage systems…”

We hope you enjoyed our little spooky offering, and wish you and yours a frighteningly fun Halloween!