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Giving Thanks for True Brotherhood

Blog NOV#2

We always welcome this time of year, when we have the opportunity for a public statement of thanks for our customers’ business, our vendors’ service, and our Sprayroq Certified Partners’ dedication. Truly, you are all the reason we exist, and it couldn’t happen without you. Thank you.

This year, we’re also especially thankful for the culture of respect, dignity and tolerance we experience daily among you all.

We don’t think anyone will argue when we say this past year or so have been among the most contentious we’ve ever experienced on a societal basis. There are many reasons for it, and it really doesn’t matter which side of the very visible divide any of us falls, it’s simply uncomfortable and makes us all yearn for the days of national solidarity most of us remember.

However, part of being a leader is learning to roll with whatever comes along and still operate effectively. Here at Sprayroq, we make a real effort not to allow unrelated contentious issues to enter into the way we do business. We all strive to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in which to service our customers, transact business with our vendors, and support our SCPs.

But what we’re really grateful for is the fact that you all return the favor. We so appreciate the way you all extend your very best selves when working with us, regardless whatever social or political swirl may be going on around us all. To us, this is the mark of real professionals: people who get the job done, whatever the conditions. And we’re so proud to work with you.

At Sprayroq, we truly understand that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. We feel confident and proud to be able to say we believe you’re all part of the solution. And that, to us, is always our greatest blessing.

This year, let’s all keep looking more closely at what binds us together rather than what stands between us, and continue concentrating on that. May we remember that it was the Native Americans who reached out in brotherhood to the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation that first Thanksgiving so long ago. They had much to lose, yet they looked beyond their fear and shared their humanity with strangers who desperately needed them.

May you all have enough, and may you share with those who aren’t as fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving.