Case Study:

SprayWall® in Montgomery Alabama


Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board


Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board was struggling with products that were on short-term fixes and materials that were delaminating from the surfaces within their sewer structures.


After considering several products, SprayWall® was chosen for the job. Years later the product is still performing with rock-solid dependability.

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When it comes to protecting the water and wastewater systems that support our communities, it’s critical that a robust, reliable long-term solution is found. Learn how Sprayroq™ helped the city of Montgomery, Alabama to protect their water infrastructure.



Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board (MWWSSB) manages the water and wastewater infrastructure and services for the city of Montgomery, Alabama. The city’s sewer infrastructure had aged considerably — manholes were crumbling, materials were delaminating, infrastructure was deteriorating — and they were in desperate need of a reliable solution they could count on to perform for the long haul.

MWWSSB was struggling with competitor’s products that only provided short-term fixes. The materials on the surface of the sewer structures were delaminating once again, and they were tired of having to return to the project every few years.

They had tried working with other polymeric and cementitious material manufacturers and contractors to solve the corrosion and structural issues they were encountering in their sewer system, but those efforts did not work because the materials ultimately succumbed to the hydrostatic loading component encountered.

So they heard about Sprayroq™ and our industry-changing product SprayWall®, and they approached us to see if we had the right solution for them.


Diving deep to find the perfect solution

We set up a meeting with MWWSSB and listened to their concerns and past experiences. We asked questions to clarify and solidify our understanding of their issues. Because we have two dedicated, experienced, licensed, engineers who have been consultants to municipal infrastructure previously, we could sympathize and provide a unique understanding of their challenges and the environments in which they operate.

Ultimately, they needed a more structural solution along with a faster return to service to minimize the costs of bypassing flow on structures that were being repaired

— they needed SprayWall®.

Our clients felt like we really understood them and trusted us to provide them with an accurate and proven solution, which was a relief after the long battle they had with unreliable products and ineffective solutions.

Our Director of Technical Services, Chip Johnson, along with our contractor, Slaughter Construction, provided a product demonstration and technical presentation to MWWSSB. Both corrosion barrier and structural solutions were presented and considered.

Ultimately, they needed a more structural solution along with a faster return to service to minimize the costs of bypassing flow on structures that were being repaired —they needed SprayWall®.



The customer was thrilled with the solution and the performance of the contractor, and they quickly decided that this was the best product for their needs. To this day our contractor continues to apply SprayWall® in the city and is still the product of choice for MWWSSB.

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