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Who, What and Where Are Sprayroq Certified Partners?
What Is A Sprayroq Certified Partner (SCP)

Sprayroq provides its unique product line through a growing rank of contractors known as Sprayroq Certified Partners (SCPs). Our Partners are licensed to properly apply Sprayroq product in specific, protected geographic territories.

Training & Certification

New contractors must complete two weeks of rigorous training (one week in our state-of-the-art corporate facility, and a week back in their home territory) with our

  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Application techniques
  • Cleanup and maintenance procedures
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Customer service

Upon successful completion of this course, applicators are prepared not just to correctly apply our lining materials, but also to make fact-based judgments about real-world conditions that will ensure the integrity of every installation they perform.

To ensure the highest standards of materials application and the maximum results for our customers, all new contractors must receive Certification to SCP status from the president of Sprayroq, prior to offering structural and surface rehabilitation and protection service using our lining products and application equipment.

SCPs must submit to annual skills review to maintain their certification.

  • All SCPs receive telephone and email support from key Sprayroq staff in getting established as their area’s exclusive Sprayroq representative.
  • Our home office provides ongoing consultation and materials required to maintain a visible, Sprayroq-branded promotional presence in the SCP’s home market.
  • All Sprayroq Certified Partners are reviewed annually to ensure that the highest levels of performance are maintained in their operations.
  • If necessary, additional training is offered to our SCPs for new crewmembers, or simply as a refresher course for those in need.


Please complete the interactive contact form on our contact page to notify us of your interest in learning more about becoming a Sprayroq Certified Partner for an available service territory.

You will be contacted as soon as possible by our recruiting team to discuss the possibility of joining the Sprayroq family.

You may also contact Jeremy Huckaby directly at 800-634-0504 x302 to schedule a discussion sooner.

Please refer to the map below to find the nearest Sprayroq Certified Partner that can service your area.
Map of the United States showing SCP locations