Sprayroq material applied inside large hole

Protect Your Work. Protect Your Future.

The Only Proven Structural & Corrosion Lining on the Market.

The industry’s best and only structural high-build, fast-curing SprayWall® polyurethane lining. Complete your job in a fraction of the time with a product that you can count on to perform with iron-clad strength and durability for over half a century.

Failing Infrastructure & Unreliable Products Jeopardize your Reputation

Are you an asset manager or engineer?

  • It’s stressful when untreated wastewater gets introduced to the watershed and you have to file a (NPDES) permit.
  • It’s frustrating when return to service times are extended, leading to long service time leads, blown budgets, and upset superiors.
  • When streets are blocked off for too long, residents and businesses are irritated that they can’t get where they need to go, and you’re the one who has to take the heat.
  • Streets are crumbling, manholes are caving in, and suddenly you’ve got a safety hazard that can easily lead to hefty lawsuits.
  • If infiltration and inflow (I & I) occur, you have to deal with bursting manholes, sewage in the streets, and public backlash.

Are you a contractor?

  • A major shift from traditional business infrastructure to greener, more sustainable solutions means there’s a huge decline in opportunities and transformational shifts within the infrastructure industry.
  • There is increased competition with businesses and contractors for the limited available jobs, municipal budgets and projects are shifting to trenchless services, and more.
  • Sales growth has flatlined or in some areas is even dropping, new ways to drive revenue are needed to generate revenue and keep teams busy.
  • You’re not being asked for bids anymore, your services don’t align with what the cities want.

We understand you need a dependable product and reliable service.

Sprayroq™ fights the idea that contractors, engineers, and other industry workers have to live each day stressed out about work.

Sprayroq™ empowers contractors with new, additional services that enable them to diversify operations, and to once again have desirable services that the city wants. It empowers municipal employees with contractors who can successfully and efficiently complete the job, so they can stay on budget and on schedule.

SprayWall® Defines Industry Standards:
Backed by Leading Research Studies

SprayWall® was recently featured in an industry-defining academic study.

Our SprayWall® Polyurethane Lining System was vetted and selected by the University of Texas at Arlington in 2020 to participate in a study to create testing and application standards for spray applied pipe rehabilitation liners in several Department of Transportation markets.

sprayroq logoGuaranteed to last a lifetime.

The study proves what we’ve known about SprayWall® for decades. It truly makes infrastructure stronger. SprayWall® was so effective that it was deemed structurally capable to function as its own pipe inside of the unit being tested.

Want to learn more about the study and how SprayWall® performed in it?
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The Future of Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Start getting recognized and celebrated for doing excellent work you’re proud of.

Man applying Sprayroq product inside large hole

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Structural integrity provides a longer-lasting solution for underground infrastructure at risk of mechanical failure.
  • Outlasts top competitors by an extraordinary 22% at the 50-year mark.
Sprayroq material applied inside large hole

Restores pipes with double the load resistance.

  • 100% structural polyurethane lining system (add structural integrity).
  • Protects against abrasion from particulates.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • SprayWall® won’t corrode and shatter.
Man applying Sprayroq product inside large hole

Quickest return to service in the industry.

  • SprayWall® gels in 8 seconds, is tack-free after 2 minutes and has an average return to service time of 30-45 minutes.
  • Cures faster than any other competitor solution.
Man applying Sprayroq product on wall

Save money. Make money.

  • Your ROI will skyrocket because you no longer have to waste time and money on rework or extended downtime.
  • SprayWall® reports a 526.1% ROI over competitors over a 50-year term.

Asset Managers and Engineers

  • Feel confident that you’re doing your job well, and be proud knowing your residents will be happier with the shortest return to service times in the industry.
  • Feel respected by your peers and secure in your job.
  • Say goodbye to rework and long shutdowns with a cost-effective solution that won’t fail.
  • Attract and retain businesses and residents with bulletproof infrastructure. More people means more infrastructure and more budget.


  • Sprayroq™ empowers its contractors with protected territories so that you can feel confident, safe, and secure in your job and in your future.
  • Take advantage now and secure a streamline of future market growth opportunities. We’ll also provide you with the marketing tools you need to spread awareness in your area and take advantage of your opportunities.
  • When you work with a desirable product and are the only one in your area who can provide it, you can finally get the revenue you’ve been craving.
  • Get the recognition you deserve for doing incredible work.
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Sprayroq engineers working in a shop

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Apply to become a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner (SCP) and you too can experience the profitability that comes with a powerful, resilient product that you can trust. When you’re a SCP, you are empowered with unique access to advanced training, direct communication with our engineers and customer support, and the marketing tools that you need to be successful.

Building and construction activities are on the rise, and the accelerating trend toward sustainable building is making waves for innovative infrastructure solutions.

From stringent government regulations toward energy efficiency, increasing demand for green building infrastructure, and a focus on environmentally conscious practices, the market of polymers used for construction is becoming more desirable by the minute.

As old and failing infrastructure needs repairing, engineers, city planners, and others who make decisions on infrastructure want the fast, cost effective solutions offered by Sprayroq™.

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