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Sprayroq provides industry-leading spray-applied structural solutions for wastewater, stormwater, and manhole rehabilitation and long-lasting premium linings for potable water, corrosion resistance & more


Sprayroq is an embodiment of forward progression & rock-solid dependable solutions. To this day, the only thing that hasn’t changed about our company is the quality of our products.

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SprayWall® in the Real World

SprayWall® has been applied to 1,000,000 structures worldwide. Check out these success stories of trenchless, structural polyurethane lining systems in action.

Discover the all-new SprayShield Aqua Guard

SprayShield AG is a highly moisture-tolerant, corrosion-resistant lining for municipal, storm, and treatment assets.

SprayShield Aqua Guard is specifically designed for cities to effectively manage and protect their critical water infrastructure from corrosion, ensuring sustainable and long-lasting operations for years to come.