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Apply to become a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner (SCP) and you too can experience the relief that comes with a powerful, resilient product that you can trust.

A Transforming Market

Take Advantage of this Opportunity (Before Someone else Does).

Have you been struggling to find new job opportunities? Look no further. Building and construction activities are on the rise, and cities and asset managers are embracing an accelerating trend toward sustainable building that is making waves for innovative infrastructure solutions.

From stringent government regulations toward energy efficiency, increasing demand for green building infrastructure, and a focus on environmentally conscious practices, the market of polymers used for construction is becoming more desirable by the minute.

As old and failing infrastructure needs repairing, engineers and city planners want the fast, trenchless, cost-effective solutions offered by Sprayroq™.

Protected Territories

More business. More money. Happier employees.

Protected territories mean the safety to invest in the equipment and training, knowing there won’t be a race to the bottom against a regional competitor. You can finally get more work at your business, which means more money, happier employees, and more time to focus on things you enjoy.

As a Sprayroq™ contractor, you can finally have a secure future with protected territories. That means you can feel confident when you invest in the equipment and training, knowing there won’t be a race to the bottom.

You no longer have to rely on the same dig and replace jobs. Relax and trust that you’ll always have work.


Advanced Training Programs

All Sprayroq™ contractors undergo in-depth training at our state-of-the-art facility and are required to receive certification before completing a job.

New contractors must complete two weeks of rigorous training (one week in our state-of-the-art corporate facility, and a week back in their home territory) where you will learn…

• Our materials
• Our equipment
• Application techniques
• Cleanup and maintenance procedures
• Marketing and promotion
• Customer service

Upon successful completion of this course, applicators are prepared not just to correctly apply our lining materials, but also to make fact-based judgments about real-world conditions that will ensure the integrity of every installation they perform.

To ensure the highest standards of materials application and the maximum results for our customers, all new contractors must receive Certification to SCP status from Sprayroq™, prior to offering structural and surface rehabilitation and protection service.

All SCPs must submit to an annual skills review
to maintain their certification.

Request Specs

See SprayWall® for yourself

Request a Sample before you choose to work with our product.

Want to test out the product for yourself? Reach out to us today and we’ll send you a sample of our product so that you can see for yourself all the great things that SprayWall® can do for you and your business.

Comprehensive Support Services

From sales support, marketing support, technical support, and engineering support, you will have everything you need to be successful as a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner.

Stop feeling held back, and start getting recognized and celebrated for doing excellent work you’re proud of.



Our SprayWall® Polyurethane Lining System was vetted and selected by the University of Texas at Arlington in 2020 to participate in a study to create testing and application standards for spray applied pipe rehabilitation liners in several Department of Transportation markets.


The study proves what we’ve known about SprayWall® for decades. It truly makes infrastructure stronger. SprayWall® was so effective that it was deemed structurally capable to function as its own pipe inside of the unit being tested.

Want to learn more about the study and how SprayWall® performed in it?
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