Man applying Sprayroq product inside large hole

Our Story

Getting control of a changing industry

Sprayroq™ is an embodiment of forward progression and rock-solid dependable solutions.

Our team is staffed with people who believe in making things better, and who are committed to creating better solutions to our industry’s biggest challenges.

We believe in empowering our customers and our partners with a better product with better results so that they can excel in their careers, and in their personal lives.

A Glimpse In The Past

Located in Irondale, Alabama, Sprayroq™ was established in 1990. It all began with the revolutionary, industry-changing product we call SprayWall®.

As the only certified and structural and corrosion coating on the market, SprayWall® is an incredibly advantageous product to both contractors and city workers.

With its plural component spray technology, it is the only fast-curing structural and chemical resistant formula that can be used for the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure and in potable water applications.


SprayWall® in the Real World

Between 1996-2002 SprayWall® was used in 15,000 structures in the Birmingham area alone. 24 years later, those initial applications are still performing as well as the day they were applied. It has been applied to 1,000,000 structures worldwide.

Because it is the only product of its kind, and thanks to its impeccable track record, from 2004-2014 the SprayWall® business has grown by nearly 400%.

In 2015-2016, we began to manufacture SprayWall® in-house.

Man applying Sprayroq product on wall

The Product of the Future

As the industry continues to transition over to environmentally conscious methods and products, and the traditional ways of doing things are finally being left in the past, Sprayroq™ is well-positioned to make a huge impact on American infrastructure.