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Markets we Serve

Sprayroq™ products are ideally designed for applications in a municipal wastewater treatment and sanitary sewer environment.

This has led to their wide use in protecting and rehabilitating structures associated with potable water, stormwater, or sanitary sewer conveyance systems, and often in industrial processes. Established markets for our products include:

  • Municipal
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Maritime structures
  • Chemical plants
  • Paper mills
  • Refineries
  • Electrical & power generation plants


100% structural polyurethane with 4% elongation and flexural modulus of 735,000 psi. High build thickness capability. Fast return to service. Best for underground infrastructure.

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Sprayshield Green

Semi-rigid polyurethane with 43% elongation. Bio-based, environmentally friendly. Corrosion only protection. Above and below-grade infrastructure except for areas with a high groundwater table.

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Trowel-able only epoxy (not able to spray). Structural capability with a flexural modulus of 1,400,000 psi. Can repair concrete substrates and provide high resistance to chemical attacks. Above and below-grade infrastructure.

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