Trenchless Technology:

The Future of Underground Infrastructure.

Stop breaking your backs and wasting time and energy on digging laborious trenches. Start completing your work easier, faster, and with results that will last a lifetime.


100% structural polyurethane with 4% elongation and flexural modulus of 735,000 psi. High build thickness capability. Fast return to service. Best for underground infrastructure.

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Sprayshield Green

Semi-rigid polyurethane with 43% elongation. Bio-based, environmentally friendly. Corrosion only protection. Above and below-grade infrastructure except for areas with a high groundwater table.

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Trowel-able only epoxy (not able to spray). Structural capability with a flexural modulus of 1,400,000 psi. Can repair concrete substrates and provide high resistance to chemical attacks. Above and below-grade infrastructure.

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