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Miller/Coors’s discharge tanks

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Miller/Coors Rehabilitation Project


Rehabilitation of eighteen manholes. Approximately 200 vertical feet and two large vault structures approx. 10,000 sq./ft.

The job also dealt with below freezing temperatures and extremely narrow one-way roads for access.

Every structure was considered fully deteriorated. The manholes were so deteriorated that vehicles driving over them were in danger of collapsing.

One section of pipe did collapse, so a HDPE manhole had to be installed.

The large vault was completely underneath Miller/Coors’s discharge tanks and next to Miller/Coors’s railroad lines. This created very difficult accessibility issues.

The schedule fell into the holiday season which left a very tight timeline.


Road plates and special driving mats had to be put over and around the structures so that vehicles wouldn’t cause them to collapse.

Due to cold temperatures, special “huts” were constructed to heat up the structures for application of products.

All structures needed to have some degree of build back before application of Spraywall was applied.

Quality Pipe Services applied one inch of Strong Company’s, Profile Plus mix for the entire structure.

The entire concrete lid of the vault had to be removed in order for work to take place, scaffolding was utilized to apply build back material and Spraywall.


A minimum 500 mils was applied on all structures for structural integrity.

Through all the difficulties presented, the project was completed successfully and ahead of schedule!

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