SprayWall® Defines Infrastructure Rehabilitation Strength:



Structural Design Methodology for Spray Applied Pipe Liners in Gravity Storm Water Conveyance Conduits, University of Texas at Arlington


There was no standard design/testing methodology for spray-applied pipe liners. SprayWall® was chosen to help create them.

SprayWall®’s Performance Results:

SprayWall® was an effective method of structural rehabilitation, increasing pipe strength and reducing operating times.


SprayWall®’s performance helped to develop testing and application standards for spray-applied pipe liners in DOT markets across the U.S.

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SprayWall® was recently featured in an industry-defining academic study that proves what we’ve known about SprayWall® for decades: it truly makes infrastructure stronger.

SprayWall® was chosen by the University of Texas at Arlington in a 2020 study to create testing and application standards for spray-applied pipe rehabilitation liners in Department of Transportation markets.

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The Testing Process/Methodology

Previously, there was no standard structural design methodology for spray-applied pipe liners.

This study aimed to create:

  • A design methodology for spray-applied pipe liners used for structural rehabilitation of gravity stormwater conveyance conduits
  • A structural design lab testing method for pipes that were treated using spray-applied pipe liners
  • An accelerated lab methodology to test liner durability


SprayWall® was the only polymeric material to participate in this innovative test. The other test material was a cementitious spray-applied liner.

Both were applied to invert-less corrugated metal pipe culverts that were put through stringent ring compression testing in the UTA’s Civil Engineering Lab’s Soil Prism Test Bed.

The invert-less corrugated metal pipe culverts were designed to simulate deteriorated pipes that failed at the invert, where ring compression forces are the strongest. The compression forces would show how well each liner would perform in realistic underground conditions.

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