How to Start (Or Grow) A Civil Contracting Business That Dominates

2021 was a big year in infrastructure innovation. You might think that demand was stifled due to the notable economic factors that impacted many industries, but this has not been the case.

Though supply chains have been disrupted, timelines have been consistently pushed back, and projects have been slowed to a stand-still, demand for civil contracting is at an all-time high, and innovation is booming.

In this past year, we’ve witnessed new strides in self-healing concrete technology, building materials that share heat amongst each other to increase overall R-Value, and roads that store kinetic energy as cars drive over them, just to name a few.

This is an exciting time to be a civil contractor. Knowing this, you may be interested in starting your own contracting business, or expanding upon a currently existing business by increasing your catalog of service offerings.

Fortunately, this article may provide the direction you need to navigate starting or growing your civil contracting business.

By leveraging our Sprayroq Certified Partner program, you gain access to the tools, resources, and industry knowledge you’ll need to break into the industry. If you’re interested in kick-starting your business,  continue reading about building your business and participating in our SCP program.


4 keys to building a successful civil engineering business:

  • Choose Services With a Growing Demand
  • Corner the Market & Eliminate Competitors
  • Partner with Suppliers Who Offer Profitable Products
  • Outsource Your Training to Experts


While these 4 keys are relatively simple, executing them may prove to be more difficult than they appear.


What if we told you that you could check every box by becoming a Sprayroq Certified Partner?

Through our robust SCP program, you’ll become an industry leader in a transforming market, effectively reducing your competition, and generating more business, more profit, and happier employees and customers.

Let’s dig deeper into those 4 key concepts and consider how Sprayroq can help.


Choose Services With a Growing Demand

From the rising and stringent government regulations surrounding energy efficiency, increasing demand for green infrastructure, and a focus on environmentally conscious processes, the market of polymers used for construction and repair is becoming increasingly desirable.

Our products at Sprayroq are at the forefront of this rising demand.

The infrastructure our cities rely on inevitably grows old and begins to fail, which makes it necessary for someone to perform repairs. Engineers and city planners want the fast, trenchless, cost-effective solutions that are offered by Sprayroq. We know how to get ahead of the need with our industry-leading products, and you could have the opportunity to share the service of this demand via our SCP program.


Corner the Market & Eliminate Competitors

As a Sprayroq™ contractor, you can finally have a secure future with our protected territories. A protected territory will allow you to feel confident when you invest in your equipment and training, knowing there won’t be a race to the bottom against a regional competitor. You will be able to acquire more work for your business, which means more money, happier employees, and more time to focus on things you enjoy.


Partner with Suppliers Who Offer Profitable Products

When you’re conceptualizing your business as a civil contractor, we encourage you to weigh your passions and interests to determine what products you would most enjoy working with, and that will provide the greatest opportunity for success.

Sprayroq offers a full range of trenchless engineering solutions that are designed to allow your team to complete the job faster, easier, and produce results that last a lifetime.

Additionally, our feature product, SprayWall® was recently featured in an industry-defining academic study that proves what we’ve known about SprayWall® for decades: it truly makes infrastructure stronger. Read the full report here.

Most importantly, due to the longevity and success of this product, it becomes a highly profitable solution for your business to provide to your customers. If this product is of any interest to you, you can learn more here.

Outsource Your Training to Experts

As a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner, you’ll be enrolled in many advanced training programs that are conducted by our industry experts.

All SCPs undergo in-depth and in-person training and are required to receive certification before completing a job.

New contractors must complete two weeks of rigorous training (one week in our corporate facility, and a week spent in their home territory) where they will learn… 

  • Our materials
  • Our equipment
  • Application techniques
  • Cleanup and maintenance procedures
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Customer service


When the course is completed, applicators are prepared not only to correctly apply our lining materials but also to make fact-based insights and judgments regarding real-world conditions that will ensure the integrity of every installation they perform.

BONUS: Get Additional Comprehensive Support

From sales support, marketing support, technical support, and engineering support, you will have everything you need to be successful as a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new civil contracting business or grow an existing business, the SCP program is an incredible opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage.

To learn more about our SCP program and how to apply, visit the page below.