Sprayroq material applied inside large hole

SprayShield® Aqua Guard: High-Performance Corrosion Resistance

Polyurethane protection for Water & Wastewater Assets

SprayShield AG is a highly moisture-tolerant, corrosion-resistant coating that’s perfect for various substrates and structures that provide needed solutions requested by customers.

SS AG—a high-performing corrosion-resistant polyurethane—was formulated for preserving and protecting water and wastewater assets across various industries. SS AG was designed with a 1:1 ratio and has high moisture tolerance, providing ease of use and application in the field

A High-performing Corrosion-resistant Polyurethane for Preserving and Protecting Water and Wastewater Assets

Sprayshield® AG has a 1:1 mix ratio, making proportioning a breeze
With less time removing water from the environment, your crew saves time and drives profits
With an industry-leading return to service time, SprayShield AG reduces expensive downtimes
Can be applied to substrates with up to 25% moisture without trouble.

SprayShield AG is extremely moisture resistant, making it an excellent corrosion-resistant coating for high-moisture scenarios, such as those found in the water and wastewater industries.


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