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Sprayshield Green 2

Biobased polyurethane solutions for preserving our infrastructure

SprayShield Green 2 is a bio-based, environmentally friendly, semi-rigid solution providing flexibility for structures that experience light movement. The material is very user-friendly and is used most effectively in wastewater environments.


Do Your job Faster, Better, and with Impressive Results.


SprayShield Green 2 begins to gel in about 8 seconds, with a tack-free condition after one minute. Within 30 minutes, the initial cure is completed and the structure is capable of accepting flow while the complete curing process continues for the next 4-6 hours.

Because of its quick drying time, contractors can complete their work faster and better, and asset managers can save money. Because it’s renewably sourced and environmentally friendly, you can feel good about using a product that is helping to build a greener future for generations to come.

Where it can be applied

SG2 can be applied on above-ground infrastructure, and can also be used underground as long as groundwater or hydrostatic pressure is not an issue. From wet wells, manholes, water tanks, lift stations, tunnels, pump housings, and more, SG2 can be applied on a variety of surfaces.

Man applying SprayShield Green 2 Product

Technical Performance and Specifications

  • 100% solids by volume and VOC free
  • Elongation 43%
  • Density 67.5 lbs/ft
  • Hardness, Shore D 62-68
  • Natural color – forest green
  • Coverage is 16 square feet per gallon at 100 mils thickness
  • May be applied up to 500 mils (½”) / 13mm thick in a single application


Sprayshield Green 2 Product Sheets

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As old and failing infrastructure needs repairing, engineers, city planners, and others who make decisions on infrastructure want the fast, cost effective solutions offered by Sprayroq™.

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