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Your next heavy-duty epoxy grout for the installation of industrial equipment.

SR-6100 is a cutting-edge, proprietary solution that provides a strong structural bond throughout a wide array of surfaces in above and below-grade infrastructure. SR-6100 is equipped with high resistance from chemical attacks and physical degradation.


Superior Strength, Superior Protection


SR-6100 has an initial curing time of 24 hours and achieves full physical properties within 7 days. Its fast-curing action means that contractors can complete their work faster, and asset managers can enjoy reduced downtime.

Because it’s a heavy-duty product, it provides exceptional dimensional stability and has an impressively long service life.

Where it can be applied

Unlike our other products, SR-6100 is trowel-able epoxy only. It can be used and applied on many services, including destructive testing repairs, pinhole repairs, concrete repair, concrete surface protection, oil and gas infrastructure, water and wastewater assets, industrial maintenance, steel, and a variety of other substrates.

SR-6100 Application

Technical Performance and Specifications

  • Density 100 lbs/ cu. ft.
  • Structural capability with a flexural modulus of 1,400,000 psi
  • Compressive strength 14,100 psi
  • Natural color – gray
  • Flexural strength 6,000 psi


To get the full specs, download the attached PDFs.


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