Sprayroq™ Certified Partner Highlight: Meet Fuquay, Inc.

Over the last 3 decades, Sprayroq™ has been producing the best structural and corrosive-resistant polyurethane linings for underground infrastructure rehabilitation while also helping contractors grow their businesses all over the world. We’ve been giving our Sprayroq™ Certified Partners the tools they need to land bids, grow their profits, and keep communities safe. 

Plus, our SCPs are backed with the expert-level support and training they need to keep their businesses and operations thriving.

This has been the case for Fuquay, Inc., which Sprayroq™ has had the pleasure of working with over the last 20 years. Read below to learn more about the company, how they started, and how they’ve grown with Sprayroq™!

About Fuquay, Inc. 

Founded in 1985 by J. Darryl and Corrie Fuquay as Fuquay Hydromulch, the initial vision of Fuquay, Inc. was to start an enterprise to meet customers’​ hydromulching needs. 

From day one, they dedicated their efforts to responsive service, quality products, and highly trained professional crews. 

This simple business concept has proven successful over time as Fuquay, Inc. has grown into a full-service erosion control, construction, assessment, and rehabilitation team of over 150 employees.

Fuquay’s staff of trained and dedicated professionals is small enough to know their customers personally, yet large enough to provide them with the exceptional service, expertise, and efficiency that they need for success.

For this SCP highlight, we’ll be hearing insights from JD Fuquay, Business Development at Fuquay, Inc. 

How Fuquay and Sprayroq™’s Partnership Started: 

This partnership started 20 years ago after Fuquay experienced obstacles with another company while working on a project in Kerrville, Texas. Fuquay was experiencing miscommunication, improper solutions, and overall poor results with another products provider at the time. The company’s main fault was failing to cascade important messaging about their products to their network of applicators. This would result in repeated issues that could’ve been easily avoided. So, they decided to look elsewhere. 

They met with Sprayroq™ and were immediately impressed with the type of results the products would yield. They were even more blown away with the level of service and dedication that Sprayroq™ provided to its applicators, so they joined forces.

The benefits of working with Sprayroq™ showed up right away for Fuquay. They experienced a consistently open line of communication regarding projects, problems, networking, and anything else that was pertinent to the success of their partnership. 

The Competitive Difference

One of Sprayroq’s greatest advantages is their ability to stand out competitively in the market. SprayWall® is known throughout the underground infrastructure world as being the gold standard, and Fuquay said this has given them a competitive edge when it comes to winning projects. 

Fuquay has also benefited from the incredibly quick cure time of the SprayWall®, which is an advantage in both the field and in product demonstrations. In the field, it helps them get the job done quicker and provides great results to their clients; and in product demonstrations, it helps them win work.

JD Fuquay, Business Development for Fuquay, Inc., mentioned how product demonstrations have become an incredibly powerful tool thanks to SprayWall®’s cure time. JD said, “You can spray a sample, and almost within the same breath, you have it cured-out. That goes a long way because they [the client] can see it, they can feel it, they can touch it.”

JD also said that Fuquay benefits from the protected sales territories that come as part of being an SCP. He mentioned that it prevents the possibility of contractors with the same products trying to cut corners or race to the bottom when it comes to pricing, and helps ensure that quality work is carried out every single time. 

Continual Education and Networking

Not only is Fuquay able to harness the products they work with, but they are also able to constantly evolve in the industry. They get to work with Sprayroq™s engineers and with other Sprayroq™ partners around the country to collaborate and grow their skills.

The SCP network gives them the chance to learn new processes and even learn about different projects and how SprayWall® reacts to different environments. All of this is information helps them stand out in the industry and gives them the confidence needed to take on projects they may not have seen before. 

How SprayWall® Benefits Fuquay in the Field

Fuquay has completed many R&R projects over the years, but one, in particular, stood out to JD. 

It was a rehabilitation project under Martin Luther King Dr. in San Antonio, where a great deal of debris had been collected in a highly deteriorated 120-inch diameter pipe. Voids and erosion had riddled the pipe, which posed a threat of collapse. If the pipe were to collapse, it could shut traffic down, cost the city lots of money, and create other major problems. So, the Fuquay crew got to work using SprayWall®.

“We patched…and sprayed the whole thing,” JD said. “At the end of the day, we fixed the pipes and the city didn’t have to shut down a single lane on the road the entire time we were there. Our footprint was minimal, and I can assure you that a lot of people had no idea that we were even working underneath the road below them.”

With the help of SprayWall®, Fuquay was able to relieve the stress of the City of San Antonio, as they eliminated traffic disruptions and further infrastructure damage. They were the invisible heroes that saved the day. As JD put it, “We’re doing our job if the community doesn’t know that we’re down there.”


Fuquay, Inc. has had a long journey alongside Sprayroq™. In fact, the two joined forces before the SCP program even began. 

Sprayroq™ helped solve Fuquay’s previous issues of improper communication and sub-par products, and was able to help them grow their business through both technical and business development support efforts. 

Fuquay gained and has maintained a competitive edge in the market due to SprayWall®s incredible cure time and structural rigidity. The teams have completed countless projects together that have benefitted municipalities across the state of Texas, operating as the invisible heroes beneath the ground who keep things running smoothly. 

How to Work With Sprayroq™ and Become an SCP

If you’re an underground infrastructure contractor who’s interested in becoming a Sprayroq™ Certified Partner, simply reach out to Sprayroq™ and apply! Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Apply on our website
  2. Our team will review the application
  3. After acceptance, you’ll start 2 weeks of rigorous training and certifications

As a new SCP, you’ll complete two weeks of rigorous training (one week in our state-of-the-art corporate facility, and a week back in their home territory) where you will learn the following:

  • Our materials
  • Our equipment
  • Application techniques
  • Cleanup and maintenance procedures
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Customer service

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be prepared not just to correctly apply our lining materials, but also to make fact-based judgments about real-world conditions that will ensure the integrity of every installation you perform.

You’ll have the dedicated support and protected sales territories to help you grow your business with a competitive edge. If you’re interested in getting started, be sure to visit our SCP website page