Sprayroq™ Certified Partner Spotlight: Meet Prism Contractors and Engineers

We interviewed David Reaves, Vice President and Founder of Prism Contractors and Engineers, to learn more about their history, what makes them different, and why they chose Sprayroq. To see the full interview, click the video below:

About Prism Contractors and Engineers

Prism Contractors & Engineers started in 1997 in Williamsburg, Virginia as a small engineering firm with hopes of combining both engineering expertise and construction knowledge as part of the services that they provided. Initially, their primary focus revolved around conducting studies on inflow and infiltration systems before moving towards cleaning and maintenance of wastewater collection and storm drain systems.  

Eventually, they progressed towards rehabilitation using trenchless technology, starting with manholes, then laterals, and then main lines. Now they provide a comprehensive list of trenchless repairs, which includes the newest in their line of products: SprayWall.  

Prism in the Field

Over the last few years, Prism has seen an increase in the need for large-diameter structural rehabilitation. With larger diameter and odd-shaped storm drainpipes—culverts under interstate roads in particular—Prism had a greater need to find products other than “cure-in-place” solutions.  

With the short return to service time and reduction in their bypass costs, after looking mostly at cementitious products, Prism determined that there was an immense need for Sprayroq’s polyurethane product, SprayWall, to further expand their services in pipe rehabilitation, both for their existing customers and hopefully the many new ones to come.  

The Competitive Difference

Prism values relationships. They have had some of the same customers for over 15 years and constantly push themselves to re-earn their business. With their proven track record of success, Prism can confidently stand behind their work 100%.  

Prism’s reputation guides their business, and they will always put high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction first. They want their customers to be able to recognize the pride that Prism has in their job quality, in their ability to be accountable for their work, and in knowing that every customer they deal with is important to them.

Benefits of Joining the Sprayroq Certified Partner Network

Sprayroq hosts an annual meeting with all certified partners in an effort to learn from one another’s knowledge in the field. After recently attending their first SCP conference, Prism returned home excited and encouraged to have a community of contractors as a resource. They felt it was incredibly powerful to hear everyone’s stories, converse with the Sprayroq team directly, and to meet fellow contractors who share similar day-to-day experiences.  

After the conference, they truly saw how the SCP network’s collective experiences can be extremely beneficial to any partner at any time. This, combined with Sprayroq’s industry-leading products, gives them the confidence to take on any project.  

How to Become an SCP

Over the last 3 decades, Sprayroq has been producing the best structural and corrosive-resistant polyurethane linings for underground infrastructure rehabilitation while also helping contractors grow their businesses all over the world. We have been giving our Certified Partners the tools they need to land bids, grow their profits, and keep communities safe.   

This, among other reasons, is why Prism Contractors & Engineers Inc. sought to join the SCP network. We are incredibly excited to welcome them onboard and look forward to working with them!  

If you are an underground infrastructure contractor who is interested in becoming a Sprayroq Certified Partner, visit our SCP page to apply! Along with access to Sprayroq’s range of top-of-the-line products, you will have dedicated support and protected sales territories to help you grow your business with a competitive edge.