Sprayroq® Certified Partner Highlight: Empipe Solutions LTD

For 30 years, Sprayroq® has developed the best sprayed-in-place pipe (SIPP) solution in the infrastructure market. Our products increase structural integrity and rehabilitation, often surpassing the original material’s performance 

 Our Sprayroq® Certified Partners (SCPs) know this. They’ve been winning bids, increasing their margins, and surpassing their competition for years. SCPs receive priority and expert support from our factory-based engineers, technicians, and teams where they have a direct line of communication with Sprayroq®, influencing our products and support. As an SCP, you’ll enjoy protected territories, allowing your business to be the only one in an area offering the best infrastructure rehabilitation solution for municipalities and industry.  

 That’s precisely what Empipe Solutions LTD in Huntington, Ontario (Canada) has experienced as an SCP. When founder Stephen Mercer applied to become an SCP in 2015, Empipe’s territory from Ontario to Alberta was the first in all of Canada.  






Empipe has humble beginnings. Mercer’s background in wastewater since the 1980s gave him a strong experience in pipe and structure rehabilitation across North America. Empipe started in 2007 with a single TV truck and flusher. They offered video-based pipe inspection and maintenance services and handled general flushing, pipe prep, and cleaning.  

 In 2015, Mercer recognized an opportunity in the market. Few—if any—bids were using SIPPs for manhole, pipe, and infrastructure repair in Canada. Sprayroq® offered a solution better than any in the Canadian market, and Stephen jumped at the opportunity.  

 Mercer flew to Alabama and met with the Sprayroq® team. He toured their facility, engaged with their engineers, sales, and tech teams, and was impressed. Sprayroq® connected Mercer with other SCPs; contractors using Sprayroq® products in similar applications worldwide. The annual SCP conference creates accelerated networking and training opportunities for Mercer and his team.  

 “I kept hearing about “this network,” everyone was always talking about,” Mercer says. “The SCP conference was pivotal for us — we discovered a niche market that didn’t even exist in Canada. The cross-communication with other SCPs has really helped, and the conferences keep getting better and better.” 



“Every single job we’ve sold in the Canadian market has been built on the reputation of Spraywall products.”




 Empipe has several projects they’re currently working on. However, two projects stick out in terms of scale and opportunity for the company.  



 Empipe recently won the bid to provide manhole rehabilitation for the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. The project utilizes Sprayshield Green 2 for its superior infiltration protection and corrosion resistance.  

 Like most Canadian cities, Edmonton experiences a harsh freeze-thaw cycle, and Sprayshield Green 2 has the durability to withstand the elements. Edmonton municipal engineers had tried other solutions, but those created issues. Geopolymers were often at least 25mm thick, preventing workers from being able to fit down the rehabilitated manhole. Geopolymers were also more susceptible to moisture, failure, and application issues. Sprayshield offers a solution that withstands the elements and applies without problems at just 6mm of thickness.  

 The project’s initial phase called for the rehabilitation of 780 manholes and will be completed in September 2022. The city has been so pleased with the results that they have already renewed a contract with Empipe for 1000 additional manhole rehabs per year until the entire city is done.  



 In addition to the Edmonton project, Empipe recently won a project bid with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. 

 The project involves using Sprayroq® products to repair and increase the structural integrity of culverts under a massive interstate expansion project. Empipe engaged with Sprayroq® leadership on the bid early in the process. While Mercer and the Empipe team continued their work, Sprayroq® worked with the requesting agency, resulting in Spraywall being named as the product of choice in the official Request for Proposal (RFP).  

 Because Empipe is the only contractor in this part of Canada licensed to apply Sprayroq® products (thanks to the SCP program), it gives the company a significant leg up in the bidding process.  

 “In 2015, there was no market for Spraywall in Canada. We brought it in. There’s still no equivalent here to Spraywall,” Mercer says. “Every single job we’ve sold in the Canadian market has been built on the reputation of the Spraywall products. I have a sales guy on my team who used to work for a competitor and used to hate bidding against us. Now he works for me.” 

 This interstate culvert project represents $1.2M in Spraywall material alone and has a total project cost of $4.5M. Leadership at Sprayroq® continues to work with government officials and Empipe’s team to support the project, and celebrates Empipe’s successful bid & award on the job. That’s the kind of support contractors have come to expect with Sprayroq®.  

Regarding the entire process, Mercer notes, “Sprayroq® is always ready to respond, well after we’ve bought the product. They’re willing to help us bid for jobs and help us earn business.” 


 Jobs like Edmonton and Ontario push Empipe to the next level in their business. Empipe has signed a lease on another location near the Edmonton job, and Mercer continues to move into his relationship with Sprayroq®.  

 “There’s so much value in the training Sprayroq® offers. The training is great, but there is a ton of support that [Sprayroq®] gives after the fact, too. Getting a letter of support from the manufacturer helps us win bids – Sprayroq® is responsive to our calls and requests. They come out in the field and help train our guys. [Sprayroq®] provides tons of information to my crews and supports us.” 

 Mercer is making significant moves to this end, as well.  

 “I see many retention applications opportunities in Western Canada and oil and gas. I’m putting most of my growth plan for my business into coatings now. It’s simple math — I can have almost three entire crews/rigs [for applying Sprayroq® coatings] for the cost of one video/cleaning specialty rig. My issue is shifting from needing sales to needing operational capacity to do the jobs.” 



Your company can also experience the type of success Stephen sees at Empipe. Apply to become a Sprayroq® Certified Partner today and enjoy world-class training, industry-leading solutions, and more successful jobs. The cost is free, and the opportunity for your business is transformational! Apply here now!