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Discover the all-new SprayShield Aqua Guard

SprayShield AG is a highly moisture-tolerant, corrosion-resistant lining for municipal, storm, and treatment assets.

SprayShield Aqua Guard is specifically designed for cities to effectively manage and protect their critical water infrastructure from corrosion, ensuring sustainable and long-lasting operations for years to come.

Big Sky, MT

Bulging and sagging of the culvert’s panels were noted in 2006 and recommended for remedial action in May 2013. Maximum deflection within areas of deformation was roughly estimated to be six inches located in the upper plates of the pipe. The purpose of the rehabilitation effort is to improve the structural capacity of the pipe to reduce the chance of a culvert failure that would impact the I-90 roadway.

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Carmel, IN

The city of Carmel, Indiana was in a dire situation when a rusted water pipe ruptured creating a massive sinkhole in the road at a major intersection.


There was another 220 linear feet of storm pipe from the replaced section to a drainage lake that could collapse at any time!


Conco Spray Solutions provided the city with a structural liner that would hold infiltration back and provide a long-term structural solution with a 50-year design life.

By providing a quick application and not removing the existing structure, Conco Spray Solutions minimalized the disruption of traffic flow and preserved the natural landscape in Carmel, Indiana.

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Lancaster, SC Clarifier

At a Sprayroq product installation demonstration in Lancaster, S.C., Public Works Director Mack McDonald observed the use of SprayWall polyurethane, which he believed could help restore an aging clarifier at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The structure was not only crumbling away daily, but due to an uneven substrate, was very difficult to clean and keep free of algae.

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Wormleysburg, Penndot

Roughly 15,000 lbs. of material was used for all four pipes. Because of the remarkably quick cure time, water flow could be restored within minutes of finishing the coating application and thickness testing.

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Lake Heron Overflow Discharge Pipe

Lake Heron’s water level was so low that it was impossible for the city of Liverpool, Pennsylvania, to allow any recreational use.


the lake’s overflow pipe located on the edge of the lake had deteriorated to the point where many flow points were located along its length.


To fix the pipe, the city needed a corrosion barrier and a product that was structural in nature. The pipe would require 300 ml. of Sprayroq Spraywall to give the structure the corrosion barrier and structural protection it needed.

The project took two days and used 1100 lbs. of Spraywall material. The city was now able to return the lake to regular recreational use.

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